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Grant and Will's SoCal Scout Notes (June 16-19)

Grant and Will’s SoCal Scout Notes (June 16-19)

Over the course of the 2022 Five Tool California Summer Season, staff members Grant Carver and Will Bonn will be at select games to provide extra scouting coverage for select games. Scout notes have no bias and players of note in no particular order from the Five Tool California SoCal events will be highlighted.

There will be a wide variety of players in these notes from uncommitted players to Division 1 commits to Division 3 commits and to junior college commits. Some games may have a few players noted while others may have a plethora, all dependent upon performances during the games and events.

Listed below is the Five Tool Scouting Staff Notes from the Five Tool California Inland Empire Classic.


1) Dillon Slayton, TB SoCal Baseball 2024:

TB SoCal Baseball’s Dillon Slayton had a productive day at the plate. He went two-for-two with one double and a triple, while also driving in two runs. His triple was a leadoff rocket to dead center, and his double was roped to right center field. The 2024 uncommitted stud from Elsinore High School (CA) has a very smooth swing, starting his hands by his head and bringing them back as he loads while sticking with a middle to opposite field approach. The right-handed hitter showed the ability to utilize a leg kick at the plate and a no-stride approach as well. Slayton is successful at this by keeping his weight back in both approaches and sticking to the middle to opposite field approach, which lets the ball travel through the zone. Slayton showed good speed to go along with his middle opposite field approach and is worth watching going forward.

— Will Bonn, Five Tool California

2) Nate Guangorena, TC Baseball 2026:

TC Baseball’s Nate Guangorena had an impressive day at the plate, going two-for-three with one double and a home run. On top of that, Guangorena was the starting pitcher and went five innings while allowing no runs and striking out three. The uncommitted ‘26 prospect from St. John Bosco (CA) has a very relaxed approach at the plate. Guangorena utilized a wide stance and a toe tap as his load, helping him keep his weight and adjust to the pitch as needed. He showed good pull-side power by going off the left field wall in his first at-bat, then by going over the left field wall for a home run in his next at-bat. Guangorena did it all in this one and will look to continue this early success throughout the rest of the summer. 

— Will Bonn, Five Tool California

3) Austin Sanders, TB SoCal 2024:

TB SoCal Baseball’s Austin Sanders impressed throughout the weekend. The uncommitted 2024 product from Santa Margarita Catholic High School (CA) came up to the plate with authority every at-bat and showed his power by crushing a home run to dead center. Sanders has a simple approach at the plate while utilizing a small leg kick as a load. With those mechanics he is able to keep his hand inside the ball and react well to inside pitches. He has shown good bat control as well, using every part of the field to get a hit over the weekend. The right-handed hitter has a connected swing while keeping both his legs and hands on the same timer throughout his swing. Sanders proved he is a guy worthy of some buzz.

— Will Bonn, Five Tool California

4) Brennan Martinez, MBC 2024:

MBC 2024’s Brennan Matinez hit a tw0-run home run, while watching him, that cleared the left field wall. The uncommitted 2026 prospect from Vista Murrieta High School (CA) showed smooth and connected mechanics at the plate. Utilizing a small leg kick, which almost acts like a hover, Martinez is able to react well to inside pitches. He showed the ability to keep his hands inside the ball, staying tight through the zone. This prospect flashed good power at the dish and had his presence felt every time he was coming to the plate. Martinez was a player that felt like they were always involved in the game due to the tools he was flashing.

— Will Bonn, Five Tool California

5) Hayden Kline, No Fear Skullcandy Crushers 17U:

No Fear Skullcandy Crushers’ Hayden Kline had a solid weekend at the plate, helping his team win the 17U/18U Division Championship. In the championship game he recorded two doubles, one walk and one run batted in. Every at-bat was a quality one. The uncommitted 2023 graduate showed impressive discipline at the plate and good zone awareness. The right-handed hitter roped two doubles showing off his gap-to-gap power. One double hitting the left field wall and the other splitting the gap between left and center field. The La Costa Canyon High School (CA) product has a simple approach at the plate. Keeping his hands loaded by his ear and utilizing a toe tap to load the bottom half. Hands stay quiet throughout the load and when it’s time to swing he fires the hands to the ball — very short and sweet making it easy for him to react to pitches in and adjust to offspeed or pitcher outside. It is a very simple and effective approach for someone who shows the gap-to-gap power and utilizes the entire field to get on base.

— Will Bonn, Five Tool California

6) Cody Liscio, MBC 2024:

MBC 2024’s Cody Liscio flashed a lot of tools this weekend. At the plate, the 2024 uncommitted product out of Temecula Valley (CA) had a smooth stroke from the left side. He relied on body movement and a high leg kick to get his swing timed right, while also showing good plate coverage. He dug a ball out of the lower part of the zone and crushed it for a triple. Liscio also caught eyes on the mound, going four innings pitched while allowing just one run and six strikeouts. Liscio is just an all around ballplayer and looked impressive out there all weekend.

— Grant Carver, Five Tool California

7) Jacob Imoto, No Fear Skullcandy Crushers 17U:

No Fear Skullcandy Crushers’ was a force to be reckoned with in this event. The 2024 uncommitted left hander out of Mission Hills (CA) flashed a powerful stroke. Imoto uses his hands to load up before relying on his back leg on the swing, which generates a lot of his power. Imoto also had the ability to stay back on the ball and drive it hard to left field. On top of that, this dude had a start where he went seven innings and struck out eight batters. This guy was a huge part of his team’s success in this event.

— Grant Carver, Five Tool California

8) Evan Goldman, No Fear Skullcandy Crushers 17U:

No Fear Skullcandy Crushers’ Evan Goldman stood out to me this weekend. Behind the plate, Goldman showed an impressive POP time while getting a runner trying to steal second. The 2023 uncommitted catcher from La Costa Canyon (CA) also flashed potential at the plate. Goldman has a powerful build and impressive pull-side power. The right hander knew how to get his hands to the ball. Everybody loves a catcher that can do it all, and Goldman was just that this weekend.

— Grant Carver, Five Tool California

9) Bryce Machado, Banditos Baseball:

Banditos Baseball’s Bryce Machado was catching eyes at the plate every time he came up. Machado has natural power paired with solid swing mechanics. He showed that he could stay back on pitches and use his pop to drive the ball, even when he’s out in front of the pitch. The 2023 uncommitted righty from Savannah (CA) utilizes a toe tap as well, and the body is in sync during it. This dude is a natural hitter and should only improve.

— Grant Carver, Five Tool California

10) Zach Chalfin, No Fear Skullcandy Crushers 17U:

No Fear Skullcandy Crushers’ Zach Chalfin flashed the fundamentals this weekend. Chalfin looked comfortable at second base and had impressive footwork, especially on one play where he fielded the ball to his left and spun to start the double play. At the plate, the uncommitted right hander from La Costa Canyon (CA) kept his swing quiet and simple. He showed the ability to turn on the ball for extra bases and had command of the zone. Chalfin was an impressive second baseman who was showing out in all aspects of the game.

— Grant Carver, Five Tool California