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Following every draft, publications often release grades. Because it’s immediately obvious and no patience is required when discussing draft picks. There’s a hint of sarcasm in there. In all seriousness, you know that you read those grades. Well, we’re not going to grade each other’s draft because bias would probably creep in just a tiny bit. Rather, Drew Bishop and I are going to answer five questions about each other’s draft and have some more fun with the first-ever Five Tool Texas High School Player Draft.

Which pick broke your heart the most?

#TeamBish manager, Drew Bishop: “The homer in me was crushed when my guys Jared Thomas and Brayden Randle went off the board. After #teamdustin took Justin Vossos as his 2B I thought I could wait another pick to grab my Yellowjacket Brayden Randle. I am going to have some explaining to do around town on that one. My affinity for JT also probably cost me his services on #teambish because Dustin had no doubts how high I would likely take him.”

#TeamDustin manager, Dustin McComas: “My excitement about selecting Boerne right-handed pitcher Cole Phillips was at a 10 only to be crushed when Drew selected him in the 11th round. Phillips has immense upside and would have given my pitching staff two of the best 2022 arms in the nation. It also stung when Sinton first baseman Jaquae Stewart went off the board in the 14th round. Although I already had stud first baseman Jared Thomas locked in, Stewart would have made an outstanding DH or left-handed bench bat. If you know me and 2023 rankings, you know I think Stewart’s bat is among the best in the nation for his class.”

What is the opposing team’s best value pick?

#TeamBish manager: “Getting a stud like Brenner Cox with the 14th pick is a huge get. I front-loaded on OF and was in a position where I was grabbing infielders when I thought about grabbing him as a UTL guy with his ability on the mound. I am a huge fan of Brenner and #teamdustin grabbing him that late was a giant win.”

#TeamDustin manager: “Based on my comment above, the answer would be Phillips, but I actually think Jalin Flores in the 13th round is an even better value. Currently ranked No. 4 in the 2022 Five Tool 55, Flores has tantalizing upside with a pro body at shortstop. I think the very, very deep shortstop class in 2022 is still unsettled besides #TeamDustin’s Jett Williams at the top, but Flores has a strong chance to remain a top five player this season.

Who is the biggest snub you couldn’t find a place for?

#TeamBish manager: “The two that stick out the most for me are TCU signee Anthony Silva and Texas Tech commit JM Long. Ultimately, I went with versatility up and down my lineup but players of their caliber deserve to be on a team. In the end, I opted for several two way guys but I was close to pulling the trigger for both of these guys.”

#TeamDustin manager: “The bummer about the shortstop position is you can only start one of them and even if you move some of them to other spots on the diamond, like we did, you’re still forced to leave someone off the list. TCU signee Anthony Silva was a really tough guy not to find a spot for. On the pitching side, I’m a big fan of Dripping Springs lefty Brandon Arvidson. In the 2023 class, Memorial’s Jakob Schulz could have also slotted in where I took future TCU lefty Ben Abeldt.”

Who would be on your three-person home run derby team?

#TeamBish manager: “For #teambish my home run derby trio would have a 12 flavor with Jaquae Stewart, Blake Mitchell, and Jace LaViolette. Between those three you will need binoculars to see some of those balls land. All three of these guys have light tower power but the ability to hit for average as well.”

#TeamDustin manager: “This is an easy one because I specifically drafted two of these guys because they have as good of right-handed raw power and torque in the batter’s box as any hitter in their respective classes. Braswell’s Jayson Jones and La Vega’s Nik Sanders would definitely be on the team. The third member is more difficult to select, but I’ll go with 2023 Nehomar Acosta. He looked like a man amongst boys this summer, swinging a wood bat at a metal bat event and mashing bombs into the trees beyond left field at Premier. Okay, now I’m second-guessing myself because Travis Sykora’s raw power is plus, maybe plus-plus…

Who would be on your 4×100 relay team?

#TeamBish manager: “This is a fun one. I think I will go with Jace Laviolette, Cade McGarrh, Kasen Wells and Kendall George on the anchor. All 4 of these guys have been under 6.60 laser. There will be a tough battle for my alternate between Brayden Sharp and Dylan Schlaegel in case Jace gets too tired from hitting so many home runs in the derby for #teambish.”

#TeamDustin: “As I’m writing this, I’m chuckling with a gigantic grin on my face. I could take a 4×100 relay team to high school track events and often smoke the field. Apparently, playing in the #TeamDustin outfield requires players to be 60 runners or better. We’ll start with Mr. 5.9-second 60-yard dash himself, Jeric Curtis. He’ll anchor the team. Then, Junior Olympian Tarris Murray will join the crew. Justin Vossos and his 70-grade speed will also be a part of the relay team, and the final selection is a tough one between Brenner Cox, Carson Queck and Jett Williams. I’ll go with Cox, who has registered elite times and is a stud football player.”

Dustin McComas and Drew Bishop
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