Five Tool West Fall Rocky Mountain

Details: Three games guaranteed. Nine innings with 2.5 hour time limit. Straight showcase baseball (round robin). Scores will not be kept. Social media coverage provided by @VToolWest and @VToolShow.

Sept. 21-23

Location: Denver

Venue: Gameday Baseball Double Angel Ballpark – 9345 Double Angel Rd, Parker, CO 80134

Bat: Player’s choice


Who’s Coming


Colorado Recruits

Conifer Lobos Green

New Mexico Wolves

Pittsburgh Pirates Senior Scout Team

Slammers Perez


Slammers Kennebrew


Pittsburgh Pirates Junior Scout Team

Slammers Loseke


Slammers Fiscus

Slammers Holzmer

Slammers Little

Slammers Quarton

Easton Game Stories/Dudes of the Day

Friday, September 21-Sunday, September 23

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