Player Registration Instructions

The 2019 season is here and it is time to register your players and submit your team roster. The new tournament registration platform you used this year will also serve as your roster and waiver manager. One of the main improvements is the implementation of text messaging so you do not have to enter parent’s email addresses. We will text your parent’s a link to complete a simple registration form on their mobile device which completes the player registration. We also give them the opportunity to register their mobile device for event updates. This will help us communicate important news to your parents like weather delays and field changes, saving you time during the tournament. Once they have completed the form, they can invite another parent to help manage the player and also receive event communications.

Please login to your Five Tool Account at:

This is the account you created when you registered for the event.  It will ask for your email address and then the password you entered when you created your account.


  1. Click the ‘Coaches’ tab on the left 
  2. Click the specific team 
  3. Click the Blue Plus Sign in the upper right of your screen   
  4. Add each coach’s name and cell number (Including your own if you are a coach on this team) that you want included in the roster packet.  They will be sent a link by text to complete the rest of their information.


  1. Click the ‘Player’ tab on the left  
  2. Click the specific team
  3. Click the Blue Plus Sign in the upper right of your screen   
  4. Add each player that you want included in the roster packet. (There is a blue ‘Add Player’ button on the screen to add additional rows for players) 

**Please note the blue instructions for adding parents-this is for waiver purposes and adding additional player information. You won’t be able to submit your roster until this parent part is completed**


  1. Click the ‘Parents’ tab on the left
  2. Click the specific team
  3. Click the Blue Plus Sign in the upper right of your screen
  4. Add at least one parent for each player on the team. You can just add names and cell numbers.  They will receive a link to add the rest of the information and agree to the waivers. (There is a blue ‘Add Parent’ button on the screen to add additional rows for parents) Should take them about 1 minute and you might want to let them know this will be coming their way. Their text will be in this format so they know who and why they are getting a link.

[your name] has assigned [player name] on the [team name] team to you for an upcoming event with Five Tool Baseball. Please visit this link to complete your player’s registration.


Once your official roster is submitted and waiting approval it is locked. After we review your roster, we will mark it Approved or Rejected. You will receive an email with your status update. If we reject your roster you will be allowed to go back and make changes to it before resubmitting.

If you know you made a mistake or a player is missing after the rosters are approved, you can make changes, but you must resubmit for the changes to take effect.

Please email if you have issues or need any help.

Additional Info:


  1. Click on ‘Event Registrations’ on the left and hover over the order in the center of your screen.  
  2. You will see buttons for ‘Items’ and ‘View’ that will appear over the Confirmed Button while you hover there. 
  3. Click on ‘Items’ to see all of the events.  Click on ‘View’ to see the invoice.

Thank you so much for playing in Five Tool Futures and we look forward to watching your teams play this summer!


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