Five Tool Showcases is excited to announce an alliance with TMI Sports Medicine. This partnership will provide prospective athletes with opportunities to improve the tools needed to play at the next level through the usage of cutting edge technology while maintaining a focus on player health. Players will be able to establish a base line and compare their abilities to ball players in the Five Tool, Division 1 and MLB averages.

More info, via TMI Sports Medicine:

TMI Sports Medicine and Orthopedics is a premier sports medicine practice located in Arlington, TX. It is considered a preferred destination for professional and amateur baseball players offering comprehensive services for baseball medicine and performance. TMI’s 20,000 square foot facility includes a 3D sports motion analysis lab, sports performance training center, and quality physical therapy environment. TMI Sports Medicine’s staff is led by an elite team of sports medicine physicians, trusted by professional athletes across all sports and all levels of competition. For more information please visit:

TMI/Five Tool Events:

Baseball Performance Testing

· Compare your tools to NCAA and MLB players through performance testing used in professional baseball.

· TMI Sports Medicine will measure body composition, speed, strength, and power to evaluate each player’s potential and identify what players need to improve upon.

· These numbers are used by college recruiters and scouts to identify and separate players from the large pool of athletes looking to compete at the next level.

Injury Screening

· Baseball Injuries have seen a dramatic increase in recent years across all levels of baseball. Injury screening is a proactive approach to identify underlying dysfunction that may increase injury potential.

· TMI Sports Medicine will measure ROM of the wrist, elbow, shoulder, spine, and pelvis looking for limitations and bilateral differences to evaluate player health.

Data Powered Bullpen Sessions

· In recent years, baseball has seen a transition from traditional measures to more advanced measures to evaluate performance.

· By incorporating wearable technology and advanced pitch tracking systems, we can now look deeper into a pitchers potential

· With the help of Rapsodo and Motus Technology, TMI will measure pitching performance and potential using advanced technology.

· Metrics include: Velocity, Spin Rate, Spin Efficiency, Horizontal/Vertical Break, Trajectory, Breaking Points, Arm Speed, Arm Angle.

· These metrics will be used to evaluate each pitchers pitchability and potential.

Five Tool Pitchers Combine

· Players are offered a unique pitching experience to be assessed and evaluated through the latest evaluation techniques.

· Each individual athlete will be placed through a comprehensive baseball assessment evaluating performance metrics and anthropometrics.

· Following the evaluation process, players will have an opportunity to participate in a data powered bullpen using wearable technology and advanced pitch tracking systems.

· The data from these bullpens will be assessed and feedback will be available to all players who participate. Players will receive feedback and education on how to increase performance and decrease injury risk from TMI Staff along with other guest speakers.

· College recruiters and MLB scouts will be invited to assess athletes.

The first Five Tool Pitchers Combine will be on November 11 at TMI in Arlington, TX. CLICK HERE to sign up.

Five Tool College Prep Event

Five Tool and TMI Sports Medicine would like to invite players, parents, and coaches to learn more about the recruiting and the type of work ethic to get the next level. Five Tool staff will discuss recommendations on how to get the most of out your high school careeer and what to expect at the next level. TMI will offer the latest training techniques and idealogy to increase performance and decrease injury risk.


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