Uncommitted Spotlight: Brock Ireland

By: Brenna Barkley

The recruiting process has been an eye opening experience for Next Level Baseball 2023 Davis’ Brock Ireland so far.

For any athlete in the class of 2021 or 2022 the recruiting process has been a little bit different since the pandemic, but Ireland has had a couple extra bumps in the road. 

“Most of my freshman year was lost due to COVID, and most of my sophomore year was lost due to an injury, so I haven’t had much contact with college coaches during the school year,” Ireland said. 

The OF knew that under all of the circumstances he has been facing, that this would be a more difficult process.

“I suspected it would be harder to get noticed or followed knowing coaches have more players then normal to watch,” Ireland said. 

The Conroe, Texas native is also a two-sport athlete as he plays football as well. He talked about how being a two-sport athlete during this time is fun because he is able to push himself as an athlete. It also opens the door for him in different ways. 

“Playing two different sports is fun because it forces me to push myself to be the best all around athlete that I can be, and knowing I could be given the opportunity to compete at the next level in either sport is a great blessing and a very humbling thought,” Ireland said. 

The uncommitted ‘23 was able to step back onto the baseball diamond and has been a force ever since. This weekend his team competed in the Five Tool World Series in Tomball, Texas. On the first day of the tournament, Ireland smashed two home runs and followed it up with one more the next day.

The process of recruitment has been eye opening to Ireland as there have been some lessons learned already. 

“The whole process has taught me to be patient and be ready for when my time arrives. I am looking forward to contributing for any school that gives me an opportunity and continuing my athletic career for as long as possible,” Ireland said.

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