Trosky Texas 2022 Ina SS Jose Vargas taking summer ball in full stride

By: Brenna Barkley

For Trosky Texas 2022 Ina’s Jose Vargas, the SS is taking in every moment he can.

“I am taking every opportunity to play the best I can because it’s really my last season of summer baseball,” Vargas told Five Tool after his game on Thursday in the Five Tool Texas SHSU tournament. “Especially with my recent de-commitment, the opportunities mean everything,” 

The League City, Texas native, who recently opened up his recruitment last month, wants to show what he is made of at the plate while facing challenging arms on the mound — something he believes helps him in the long run after facing one on the first day of an event.

“When it’s deeper in a tournament or in close situations, a guy with a big arm isn’t anything new to you,” Vargas said.

Vargas’ mindset today stayed the same throughout as he saw a mixture of fastballs away and the backdoor off-speed pitches. The uncommitted ’22 found a lot of success in hunting the fastball, but was able to react to an off-speed if one was thrown his way. Focusing on the fastball has worked for Vargas throughout the season and by keeping that approach he is able to dominate at the plate. 

“After my first at bat, I knew I was going to get the fastball I was hunting and just made sure not to miss it,” Vargas said. “My last at bat after going down early in the count, I still looked at the fastball, but reacted to any off-speed with the goal in mind that if I was to get out it would be a hard out.”

The middle infielder found his groove at the plate right off the bat as he went 2-3 with two triples and three runs batted in. His first triple was smoked off the bat with an exit velocity of 100 MPH.

Earlier in the week, Vargas posted a 97.4 MPH exit velocity at Trosky Texas Scout Day. He also ran a 6.61s 60 and had an OF velocity of 90 MPH.

While that’s about the individual statistics, Vargas seems to be quite the team player with the goals that he set upon himself this summer.

“Hitting wise my goals are to stay within myself each at bat and to not put myself in situations where I get myself out.” Vargas said. “For fielding, my goals are to keep a 100 percent fielding percentage throughout this summer season,” Vargas said. 

It’s not easy task to remain perfect from shortstop throughout the entire summer circuit, but it’s a great mentality to have when trying to win ball games.

Trosky Texas 2022 Ina will continue their tournament in Houston as they have three more pool play games before bracket play begins on Sunday, June 13. 

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