Register for Five Tool Summer Events 2022

Registration is now open for Five Tool Baseball Summer 2022. You can find it by clicking the link here or heading to our Events Page.

A printable version of our summer schedule can be found here.

There are currently over 100 events to choose from across 14 states with more tournaments expected to be added in new areas.

Five Tool is pleased to offer 11 national events this summer as well:

June 14-19: Pudge Rodriguez World Classic (Melissa, TX)*

June 16-19: Five Tool Show 15U/16U Championships (Dallas-Fort Worth, TX)

June 16-19: Five Tool West Texas Championships (Lubbock, TX)

June 21-16: Alex Bregman World Series (Melissa, TX)*

June 30-July 3: Max Muncy 14U World Series (Dallas-Fort Worth, TX)

July 5-10: AABC Don Mattingly World Series (Melissa, TX)*

July 7-10: Five Tool Show 17U Championships (Dallas-Fort Worth, TX)

July 18-24: AABC Mickey Mantle World Series (Norman, Oklahoma City, OK)*

July 20-24: Five Tool World Series (Dallas-Fort Worth, TX)

July 28-31: Five Tool/NTX Tournaments Club Championships (Dallas-Fort Worth, TX)

August 1-7: Five Tool West World Series (Los Angeles, CA)


The full summer tournament schedule is slated to begin on May 26 in Joplin, MO with the Five Tool Midwest Kickoff and end on August 7 in Los Angeles, CA (Five Tool West World Series), Seattle, WA (Five Tool Northwest Herb Chaffey Memorial), Dallas-Fort Worth, TX (Five Tool Texas Dallas Finale 2023 Recruiting Preview), Houston, TX (Five Tool Texas Houston Finale 2023 Recruiting Preview), and Melissa, TX (SBC II).

Registration is now open at


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