NTXBC Dirtbags 2023 Woods/Sedberry RHP Tanner Wiggins continues success on mound, reaches 94 mph

By: Luke White

NTXBC Dirtbags 2023 Woods/Sedberry RHP Tanner Wiggins lived up to his nickname of “Wicked Wiggins” this past weekend at the Five Tool Houston College Championships.

The Temple Christian (TX) ace continued his string of solid outings this summer while reaching a personal best velocity of 94 mph on the mound in a 4-3 win versus Texas Twelve 2023 Black on Saturday, July 2. In five innings, Wiggins allowed just two runs on two hits while punching out five.

The performance continues what has been a successful summer for the two-way player. On June 18, he allowed no runs while striking out nine batters across five innings, and on June 24, he notched ten strikeouts over 3.2 innings.

Additionally, Wiggins’ velocity has steadily increased over the season, as he topped out at 91 mph during one of his first outings on June 2. One month later, and the uncommitted prospect is nearing the mid-90’s. Wiggins also mixes a slider topping out at 81 mph and a curveball into his repertoire.

“It was really exciting, and when [my coach] told me ‘Dude, you hit 94 [mph],’ I thought he was joking,” Wiggins said. “I was pumped, to say the least.”

Following a consistent regimen of arm and leg workouts has been key to Wiggins’ pitch speed and success on the mound. This involves both strength exercises to gain muscle and recovery drills to prevent injuries.

“I go to the gym, and I try to work out every single night,” Wiggins said. “I do a bunch of leg workouts, and every time I’m done pitching, no matter how many pitches I throw, I always try to do a lot of recovery stuff. I also do heavy balls before my games to strengthen my arm and shoulder.”

Wiggins’ success goes beyond the mound, too, as he has shown an ability to hit for contact and power at the plate. Recently, the RHH went 2-for-2 with two doubles and two RBIs in a June 26 game, while his Twitter page contains many offensive highlights from the fall and spring seasons.

Regardless of his two-way success, Wiggins has said his heart is on the mound as a pitcher.

“I definitely prefer pitching,” Wiggins said. “It’s always been fun for me, and I’ve always enjoyed it just a little bit more.”

As mentioned, Wiggins has found himself steadily improving as the summer season has gone on, in that he has matured as a pitcher and grown in his knowledge of the game.

“I feel like I’ve developed a lot this summer,” Wiggins said. “Me and Coach [Pat] Woods have really been working on not so much being a thrower, but a pitcher; Locating spots, hitting my spots, and throwing inside to batters. I’ve been trying to locate my pitches better.”

Wiggins still has goals in place for the summer though, one of which is reaching 95 mph on the mound. From a team standpoint, he said his Dirtbags squad looks to compete and win every game they play.

As for his goals of playing baseball at the next level, he keeps things simple.

“Honestly, I just want to play for whoever gives me the option to play college baseball.”

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