Keaton Story makes game saving play

In the Five Tool/NTX Club Championships in Dallas-Fort Worth, a clutch play from left fielder Keaton Story on Swat Academy Rebels Adler/Wimmer helped them end the game in a tie against Dallas Patriots 17U Stout, 4-4. 

The Wichita State Commit was able to get the last out of the inning as the runner from second tried to score on a single down the left field line. Story was able to rocket the ball to his catcher Jesse Brooks to get the out and end the inning. 

The ball was hit deep into left field as it one hopped into Story’s glove. The throw to the plate was close on the tag as Brooks was able to put the tag down just in time. 

Watch as he fires the ball from left field all the way to home for the clutch out. 

A perfect throw right on the money from the left fielder which left us in awe.

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