Grant and Will’s SoCal Scout Notes (June 23-26)

Over the course of the 2022 Five Tool California Summer Season, staff members Grant Carver and Will Bonn will be at select games to provide extra scouting coverage for select games. Scout notes have no bias and players of note in no particular order from the Five Tool California SoCal events will be highlighted.

There will be a wide variety of players in these notes from uncommitted players to Division 1 commits to Division 3 commits and to junior college commits. Some games may have a few players noted while others may have a plethora, all dependent upon performances during the games and events.

Listed below is the Five Tool Scouting Staff Notes from the Five Tool California San Diego Summer Classic.


1) Kaleb Gray, San Diego Trosky 17U :

Trosky Redbirds 17U Kaleb Gray was flashing impressive stuff on the bump this weekend. Gray had a fastball with good tail on it that sat in the 80-82 MPH range. The 2023 uncommitted right hander from Patrick Henry (CA) complemented it with a curveball that sat 69-71 and produced swings and misses. The curveball was really impressive, as it featured a sharp break and Gray was able to locate it just where he wanted to every time. This dude’s success was impressive and it helped his team big time this weekend.

— Grant Carver, Five Tool California

2) Matt Fimbres, Team Cal :

Matt Fimbres of Team California 2022 had a swing that was producing and catching eyes in this event. The 2022 San Juan Hills (CA) left handed bat has a powerful body, and he uses it well in his swing. The natural power he has comes easy and should only improve. He utilizes a compact leg kick and drops his hands before launching at the ball as it comes in. His bat stays in the zone well and Fimbres controls it throughout the swing, which was helping him produce hits often. A good lefty swing is always a good sight to see, and Matt Fimbres was just that.

–Grant Carver,  Five Tool California

3) Trevor Tse, SD Crush Baseball 17U:

San Diego Crush 17U’s Trevor Tse was a highlight machine this weekend at the plate. Tse had hands that were impressively quick, as he was getting to the ball and pulling it with authority. The 2024 uncommitted right hander from Poway (CA) showed his power with a home run to left field, but he was also able to send the ball the other way to the right center gap with authority. Tse had one swing in a big situation where he just threw his hands at a low and away pitch and sent it to right, driving in a big run for his club. This dude’s swing was versatile and he was an on base machine during this event because of it.

— Grant Carver, Five Tool California

4) Everett Wisdom, SD Crush 17U :

San Diego Crush 17U ‘s Everett Wisdom was another player that impressed during this event. Wisdom has a quiet swing and a compact finish on it, but he is able to drive the ball for hits. The 2024 uncommitted product from Poway (CA) loved to turn on the ball and was able to get hard line drives constantly. Wisdom’s swing relies on his upper body for the most part, but his lower body compliments it well. This stud looked seasoned and extra dangerous at the plate for a guy his age.

— Grant Carver, Five Tool California

5) Michael Kaefer, Canes IE baseball:

Canes Inland Empire 16U’s Michael Kaefer impressed on both sides of the ball this weekend. At the plate, the 2023 uncommitted right hander from Santiago (CA) showed a unique, yet useful, swing. Kaefer’s hands kind of drift away from his body as he gets ready to swing, just before he whips them back into the zone for the ball. This may cause some hitters’ swings to get a bit lengthy, but Kaefer plays it well and does a great job of using it to his advantage. On the field, Kaefer flashed an impressive arm while hosing down a runner at third from right field. This dude was showing impressive tools in this event and just had the overall feel of an advanced baseball player.

— Grant Carver, Five Tool California

6) Addison Klepsch, Trosky Force Baseball 17U:

Force Baseball Club 17U White’s Addison Klepsch was a force to be reckoned with on the bump in this event. The 2024 ASU commit from Del Norte flashed an overpowering fastball with nasty run on it while sitting at 86-88 MPH. His fastball was practically all he needed, but he showed a breaking ball sitting at 78 MPH and a changeup that sat at 74 MPH as well. Klepsch struck out six in three innings of work, dominating with his fastball in all parts of the zone. Watching a pitcher carve up a lineup with mainly one pitch is always extra special, and this dude did just that.

— Grant Carver, Five Tool California

7) Loften Hinklin, Swarm Red Elites:

Loften Hinklin of Swam Red Elite 2025 was an eye catcher on the hill. The 2025 uncommitted right hander from ALA Queen Creek (AZ) threw six innings and struck out eight while only allowing one run. Hinklin was sitting 83-85 MPH on the fastball and located it well throughout the zone. His curveball was sitting 72-75 MPH and he was using it to set up his fastball well, which was getting hitters to be late on fastballs in out pitch situations. The righty kept his mechanics simple and consistent between both pitches. Hinklin was an aggressive pitcher on the bump, and that attitude helped him be successful.

— Grant Carver, Five Tool California.

8) Peyton Rodgers, SD Trosky RedBirds 17U:

San Diego Trosky Redbirds Baseball 17U’s Peyton Rodgers was solid in relief and shut down his opponents in a tight game. The right hander recorded three strikeouts in two innings while allowing two just two hits, helping his team to a victory. The 2024 San Diego State commit showed a mix that included a fastball, curveball, and slider. His fastball sat 83-85 MPH and touched 87 MPH, his curveball ranged 69-70 MPH, and the slider was between 72-73 MPH. Rodgers’ fastball works well with the off speed pitches, keeping hitters off balance with the change in velocity and the different shapes on the breaking balls. The curve features more of a 12-6 shape and has a good late dive on it. To complement that, the slider works almost like a slurve that shows heavy sweep away from a RHH. The Torrey Pines High School (CA) product has an easy, relaxed delivery that stayed consistent throughout the outing. The delivery is smooth and deceptive while coming from an almost three quarter arm slot. Rodgers is a legit dude and his repertoire was showing just that this weekend.

— Will Bonn, Five Tool California

9) Adrian Macias, Force Sports CA 16U Blues:

​Force Sports CA 16U Blues’ Adrian Macias had a solid day at the plate in the two games I checked out. He compiled four RBIs between both games and three of those came from a three run home run. The right handed hitter had a very calm and connected approach at the dish. Macias utilizes a toe tap as he loads his bottom half while prepping his hands at the same time. The swing itself is aggressive and Macias puts authority in every swing he takes. The Carlsbad High School (CA) product showed off his easy power by crushing a ball to left field for a home run by turning on an up and in fastball. On the defensive side, the 2024 uncommitted catcher posted a 2.14 pop time as he threw down to second. Every team needs a good tone setter behind the plate, and Macias was just that for the Blues.

— Will Bonn, Five Tool California

10) Seth Wood, Team CAL Baseball:

Team California Baseball’s Seth Wood had his stuff working on the mound over the weekend. The right handed pitcher turned in a terrific outing putting up six innings, only allowing one hit, and racking up ten strikeouts. The Tesoro High School (CA) used his mix of fastball and curveball to stifle hitters throughout his outing. The curveball has 12-6 movement with good late downward break. His fastball sat from 84-86 MPH and his curve ranged 73-75 MPH. Wood’s mechanics were repeatable throughout the outing, relying on his lower half well and creating drive off his back leg towards the plate. The 2022 graduate contributed at the plate as well collecting two hits, including a double. Wood caught my eyes on both sides of the ball and is a dude to watch.

— Will Bonn, Five Tool California

11) Brogan Enos, NorCal Baseball:

NorCal Baseball 2024’s Brogan Enos had a great day at the plate. In the game I watched him he tallied three hits and totaled four RBIs, including two doubles and a home run. The right handed hitter shows a very relaxed and composed approach at the dish. He lets the ball come to him and showed an ability to get to it regardless of the location. The Willow Glen High School (CA) product has a direct bat path to the ball and has a short swing, which allows him to keep his hands inside the ball. This dude showed off his pop by turning on a fastball up and putting it over the left field wall. Enos looks like your classic righty that can crank the ball with authority to left at any moment, and these types of hitters tend to produce.

–Will Bonn, Five Tool California

12) Parker Smith, San Diego Crush Baseball: 

San Diego Crush Baseball’s Parker Smith had a solid weekend at the plate. The righty always seemed to be coming up to the plate in big spots and producing runs. He collected three triples and a home run on the weekend, showing that production that every team dreams of. The 2026 uncommitted dude showed pop to both the pull and opposite field gap. He has a simple approach of playing the ball to center field, but is also capable of quickly turning on one at a moments notice. Using a leg lift, he loads early to give his eyes time to see the ball and react. The Poway High School (CA) product is a spark plug on the field and at the plate, and he was energizing his club this weekend.

–Will Bonn, Five Tool California

13) Ian Holt, Cherokees Baseball:

Cherokees Baseball’s Ian Holt pitched a fantastic game during the San Diego Summer Classic. This southpaw went seven innings while striking out nine batters and only allowing two hits. The 2024 uncommitted dude worked a fastball and curveball mix. The fastball has a little arm side run and looks deceptive coming out of his hand. The curveball was his primary out pitch this outing. It has nice, late downward break and works more as a 12-6 curveball. The Sequoia (CA) product was sharp during his outing and had his pitch arsenal working for him.  There aren’t many things prettier than a lefty on the mound with a good fastball and a big curve, which describes what I saw out of Holt perfectly.

— Will Bonn, Five Tool California

14)  Matthew Foley, NorCal Baseball 2024:

NorCal Baseballs 2024’s Matthew Foley had his stuff going during this weekends event. The right handed pitcher racked up six strikeouts over the span of five innings while only allowing one run and three hits during his outing. Foley mixed it up between a fastball, curveball, and slider, which helped him keep batters off balance and guessing when up at the plate. The fastball sat between 80-81 MPH, the curve was 69-70 MPH, and the slider at 71 MPH. He was able to change velocities well and showed good command of the zone with each of his pitches. The Amado Valley (CA) product had a solid tempo on the mound and looked to be on cruise control in this outing.

–Will Bonn, Five Tool California.

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