Friday Five Tool Five (Nov. 26)

Introducing the Friday Five Tool Five. National Scouting Director of Five Tool Drew Bishop gives out thoughts and information on Five Topics on his mind. This new segment will be a weekly occurrence.

In today’s installment of the Friday Five Tool Five we touch on nutrition, social media, and highlight another big 2023 commit along with an intriguing uncommitted 2022 arm.

1. Recapping Episode 22 of the Five Tool Podcast with dietitian Dr. Katie McInnis

Monday’s episode 22 of the Five Tool Podcast guest was dietitian Dr. Katie McInnis, who came on to share some very valuable information with our listeners in regards to fueling properly and finding ways to make good decisions when it comes to nutrition. Way too many athletes, and people in general, don’t make the effort to properly fuel their bodies for whatever their activity levels may be. We covered a wide range of topics in regards to decisions to make whether an athlete is in the offseason, in their playing season, or just in their busy daily lives. A couple key notes for young baseball players from our conversation would be the following:

  1. Eating consistently throughout the day-Ideally you are able to find a way to eat roughly every two to three hours with high-protein snacks (nuts, jerky, seeds, yogurt, string cheese) between meals.
  2. Importance of breakfast-Be intentional about breakfast and making sure you have a high protein breakfast even if that means preparing it the night before.
  3. Dangers of energy drinks and supplements-There are numerous downfalls that come with energy drinks (Bang, Monster, etc.) that can impede positive growth and normal processes within your body (curbing appetite, affecting sleep). Supplements are intended to be just that, not drivers of your diet. The supplement and energy drink market is dangerously unregulated to the point where in most cases it is best to find alternative options to provide the right fuel for your body.
  4. Importance of sleep and recovery-You can do all the lifting, throwing, and hitting you want and not reach the potential gains desired if you neglect recovery and sleep. Making sure to properly fuel your body within 30-45 minutes of activity is crucial along with a good night’s sleep. By doing those two things along with making sure you are hydrated, you increase your chances of optimizing your development and decreasing potential for injury.
    Dr. McInnis gave some really helpful info in an area that you can control in your development process. Being intentional with when, how, and what you eat and creating good habits can help lead to a career and even life-long path of health. If you are interested in creating your own plan based on your dietary goals and food preferences, Dr. McInnis can be reached via email at

2. Social Media Tips for Recruits

In episode 21 of the Five Tool Podcast, Dustin McComas and I touched on the potential benefits and power of properly utilizing social media for college baseball programs. Today, I wanted to give a couple tips on social media usage for athletes. I am by no means a social media guru, but I do know that coaches and scouts will spend time going through various platforms as part of their evaluations of a player. Some things to think about before you tweet, gram, snap, etc.

Once you hit send, it is out there for the world, potentially forever, so if you can think of ANYONE, whether it be your parents, coach, teammate, potential employer, that might not appreciate your post, it probably isn’t worth it.
Retweeting or sharing posts will still come across as being from you or sharing your viewpoints. Fair or not, the court of public opinion does not typically afford you the benefit of doubt. Make sure you pay attention to language and the message being conveyed and assume the reader views it as you saying or echoing someone else’s sentiment. You rarely get the chance to explain yourself in a favorable position if someone does know you or understand where you’re coming from.
Use your bio as an informational space to allow people to understand your status(committed vs. uncommitted, graduating class, GPA/test scores, contact info) quickly without having to search.
If you are not committed, share useful information on your schedule, development (videos), and anything that can promote your strengths as a potential recruit.
Social media can be fun and a powerful way to highlight your strengths as a player and a person, but it can just as easily ruin your career or life in just one seemingly harmful post. You can never go wrong by not hitting send if you think there is the potential to offend someone. Conversely, do not hesitate to praise teammates, friends, and positive messages.


MJ Seo | 2023 P/IF | John Paul II HS | Arkansas Sticks

On November 10, MJ Seo committed to new LSU head Coach Jay Johnson. Although new to Baton Rouge, Coach Johnson was a familiar face to MJ as he had been committed to him while at the University of Arizona. Seo possesses the ability to be a legitimate two-way player at the next level. With velocity easily sitting in the 90s and touching 94, there is still some room for gains as he continues to gain strength. He has shown a good feel for the slider, curveball, and changeup as well. Defensively, MJ can stick in the middle and stylistically he reminds me of some really good Oregon State defenders of the past. There is some juice in the bat and he has produced against good pitching at several top end events. My favorite thing about MJ is his genuine love for the game. It is very evident in the way he approaches not only the game but his development that he enjoys the grind of perfecting his craft whether it be on the mound, in the field, or at the plate. MJ will play a key role for Coach Kyle Hay on a loaded John Paul II team this spring that includes outfielder Derrick Mitchell (2023 Arizona State commit), RHP Jack Frankel (2024 Mississippi State commit) and his younger brother RHP Minjae Seo (2025 Vanderbilt commit).


Tyler Bogusz | 2022 RHP | Frisco Lone Star HS | Pro Source Baseball

Tyler Bogusz is a senior RHP at Frisco Lone Star HS that has a chance to see his stock take off this spring. After a successful summer season with Pro Source, Tyler saw his velocity jump after putting in work in the weight room and was up to 89 several times this fall with the Blue Jays Scout Team. To this point, he has followed a similar path to his brother Ryan who had a lot of late interest his senior year and signed with Oklahoma State where he is currently on the roster. Tyler has an unconventional delivery that generates a lot of swing and miss with a solid slider and a plus changeup. Tyler will return to a loaded Lone Star pitching staff as a 2020 First Team All-District selection, joining Dominick Reid (2022 Oklahoma State Commit) and Teague Rehwald (2022 uncommitted). Building off a strong fall, I can see Tyler generating D1 interest as he continues to hone his craft.

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