University of Oklahoma Baseball Facility Tour

By: Brenna Barkley

The University of Oklahoma (OU) is playing host to Five Tool’s OKC Cup tournament this weekend. 

L.Dale Mitchell Baseball park is where the Sooners play their home games in Norman, Okla. The stadium seats just over 3,100 fans throughout the season. On Thursday at the beginning of the event, we were able to take an exclusive facility tour.


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OU Baseball opened up for us to check out what’s it’s like being a player for their squad. The tour started at the player’s entrance and concluded on the field.

OU has sayings, details and sleek designs that make their facility unique. The entire tour was avaiable for a limited time on the Five Tool Snapchat. However, some photos can be found on the Five Tool Instagram.

One of the unique pieces hanging up in the facility is the sayings from head coach Skip Johnson. That can be found on the last slide of the post embedded above.

Before going on to be the head coach at OU in 2018, Johnson was the assistant coach in 2017. He also was an assistant coach at the University of Texas from 2007-2016. He was also the head coach at Navarro College from 1994-2006. 

In his current role, he is 85-52 which comes out to a .620 winning percentage. During the postseason he is 2-4 in the Big 12 tournament and 2-2 when making it to the NCAA tournament. 

The University of Oklahoma has had over 300 athletes make it to the Major League level. In the 2021 draft class, three former Sooners had their Major League dreams come true. Tyler Hardman, Wyatt Olds and Jason Ruffcorn all heard their names get called. 

The Sooners are looking at a new facility in which will be started in the summer of 2022. L. Dale Mitchell Park will undergo a $15-$20 million facelift to give upgrades to the baseball campus.

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