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Dallas Tigers 2026 Tankvil LHP Chandler Hart reaches 90 mph

Dallas Tigers 2026 Tankvil LHP Chandler Hart reaches 90 mph

By: Luke White

Despite having yet to throw a pitch in a varsity game, Chandler Hart is already making a name for himself in the high school baseball scene.

The lefty grabbed scouts’ attention at the 2022 Alex Bregman World Series last weekend after reaching a blistering 90 mph on the mound while pitching for Dallas Tigers Tankvil. If that wasn’t impressive enough, Hart hasn’t yet begun high school, as the 2026 graduate will start attending Allen (TX) this upcoming school year.

Striking out six batters in three innings, the flamethrower’s fastball hovered in the 87-88 mph range while mixing in a curveball around 75-78 mph. Hitting the threshold was unexpected for Hart, although the feeling afterward was unforgettable.

“Reaching 90 [mph] was always a goal of mine, and it had been my goal for the end of the summer and going into August,” Hart said. “When I was pitching, I had a lot of adrenaline since it was the championship. I wasn’t worried about my velo, so I just went out there and pitched normally. When I was done, my dad came up to me and was like ‘Dude, in the first inning, you hit 90 [mph] twice.’

“It was one of the best feelings ever, especially since I didn’t change anything or do anything differently. I was like ‘Wow, I can do this.’”

Hart’s performances during the tournament came at a point in which he needed a boost of confidence, and he got just that. To do so, he carried a simple approach into both games, trusting the defense behind him and not trying to overdo it with his pitches.

“Some of my outings recently have been up and down, so this weekend I was like ‘I’m just gonna go in there and throw strikes. These are 15-year-olds, they’re wood bats, so if they hit the ball, my defense can make plays,’” Hart said. “That first outing on Tuesday, I got some confidence back, and on Saturday, I had the mindset of ‘I’m better than you, you’re not gonna hit me.’ I just went from there and threw really well.”

Hart’s achievement is no accident, as he follows a regimen of weightlifting and fundamental practice in order to play to the best of his ability, while also incorporating personal training into his routine to stay in good shape.

“At the beginning of the year, I started taking the weight room seriously and putting on weight–20 or 25 pounds,” Hart said. “I started going to the gym and getting stronger, and then I work with my pitching guy, Lindsay Ingram, once a week. He’s my mechanics guy, and he helps me with everything pitching related.

“Every week I do PT to keep my heart healthy…I’ll do scraping, cupping and needling to keep me loose and prevent injuries. It’s been working all year.”

Even though he has four years of high school ahead of him, Hart already has hopeful plans for the future, where he looks to take his game to the next level.

“I’m not gonna be one to commit really early, I’m going to take my time and explore my options before I do anything,” Hart said. “The goal is to play at a Division I level and to hopefully play in the Majors.”

Regardless of what that next step may be, there’s no doubt that Chandler Hart will be a name to keep an eye on at the high school level.